Loved it So awsome im famous of this app im so rich off this app.
king kass13

I like it Good and u should get it it don't got that maney but it's still works
Jasmine Williams
Bars I swear to god it gets rella a city full of killas actors walk around looking like the zombies off of thrilla
Mason Hoy
I luv it The beats are soo dope and ima rapper check me out my face book name is danny brown boii
Danny Brown
Tony Broadie The best system out there now, I love it!
Tony Broadie
It very good i bule tooth it to my tv and made a CD so i can listen to it in the studio
John Amato
Fine Good Enough
Kenn Epps
Love iy
Sam I Am
Nice Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Kaila Dobosu
Sapadong Biibi
Awersome app
Cool game I rate 5 because it has good tunes and hateea are idiots
Anzal Khan
Awesome This is f in awesome
Iviana Harris
Its good
Megan Tobias
Baller Baller
Jermaine Green
awesome damn its good
Dj.Aornob Jaman
Good Very nice
lunatic Haziq
Love it Love the beats
Anna Masanabo
This is awesome I rap to the music all the time

Lane Ellis
Finding the path Take that. Path
Kiara Poyner
Best ever Best ever
Adrian Craig
It good Its good get this and rap on
Corey Troupe
I like to go the studio sometimes I love the app
Isabella Browning
amirhosein amiri
Rap beats Is so good to me
Sbonelo Ts
Nunka Cade
Really good Really good for my mixtape coming up
Patrick Bukuru
It is very good for my son Lololo
Ryan Finley
Dope I think it's cool to have when I need a beat to go and i have a group and we are called NEW ADDITION I made a song called Life takes changes
Landon Green
I like it
Mandiso Cael
N I C E N I C E spells nice!!!!!! ....!!!!!
Carmela Brown
I love that's the first time I made a song
Jasmine St.Armand
About to release my new track its is called back to release my new track call don't get it twisted with black tee
Marvin Wallace
Love It Good job
Essence Brooks
Rocks This is so cool i wish I could make my own (rap to beat)
Malachi Sanchez
It good and it's sick beats TRY IT OUT! NOW
Abbas Javaid
Good app Its a good app for me since I'm a teenager
Mpilo Ntombela
Perfect It good beat
Katlego Nhlanhla
Very very goood Gooood
Abolfazl Hosseini
It is great lol It works great.
Bruce Wayne
Love it
Wiltrayvion Broussatd
Rap Me and my homie dfree bout to release new music
Jillian Wyand
The app is wonderful Best
Wizad Wizad